Monthly Archives: February 2011

Still trying to quit #twitter here, but I’m not sure how this “#blagging” thing works.  #Help!  I was reading The Millions Great 2011 Book Preview, which was a lot of words as is, and my eyes got tired from reading.  How am I supposed to finish a book?  The #averagebook has about 500,000 characters, which is way more than I’m used to reading, and it’d take about 5 hours to read that many characters.  Waste of time, if you ask this esteemed #literaryblagger.

So instead I go through the beginning-of-year book previews that all the best literary publications do and look at the covers.  That way, for instance, this happened last year, someone will come up to me and say, “hey, what do you think of Don #DeLillo’s Point Omega?”  I’ll reply, “I haven’t read it, but the cover was out of this world.


The Illumination, celebrated short story writer Kevin Brockmeier’s third novel, found its way to bookstores earlier this month.  Brockmeier’s previous novel, The Brief History of the Dead, was well-received and featured a notably #coolcover.  Brockmeier writes a unusual blend of science-fiction, fantasy and literary fiction that’s a lot of fun to read, but unfortunately his writing is covered not by the #scifi or #fantasy covers they could be, but rather by the boring and literary fiction-y side. The Illumination falls under this category, and the cover is #boring and I’d rather just read #LeftBehind.

I’m giving this book, judged by its cover, two out of five hashtags. ##


Victoria Patterson is a writer and instructor at #UCLA who wrote a collection of short stories recently, Drift, which was liked by those who read collections of literary short stories.  Drift is set in sunny Newport Beach, California, which is also the setting for Patterson’s new novel This Vacant Paradise coming out this month.  I didn’t read Drift, mostly because the cover was #tresboring, but the cover of This Vacant Paradise looks to be much better, much #sexier.

Four out of five hashtags ####

Oh, and what do we have here?  The most anticipated book release of 2011 (despite the fact it’s mostly unfinished, very much about boredom, and you still haven’t finished #infinitejest yet) has had several buzz-building excerpts published in respected magazines that happen to be super-duper boring.    It’s a book that is so boring that its legendary author killed himself while writing it. Oh, and the cover isn’t anything great to look at either.

One out of five hashtags #.  I also pre-ordered it, like an #iPhone or ticket to see #Pavement.