Stop the presses!

If we’re talking about overused and misused cliches, and there’s a top ten list, somewhere after “literally” and “I could care less,” there’s a spot taken by “stop the presses.”  It’s seen in movies, but the last time it happened at the New York Times was over 20 years ago.  Since everyone has a story and personal emotional attachment to the reason for Obama’s speech last night, I’ve heard several different takes on the coverage last night.  The Onion has a simple graphic-and-headline article, which is somewhat restrained compared to their (masterpiece) 9/11 article.  There was a funny/sad typo on Fox News last night.

But my favorite story from last night was the fact that the New York Times literally yelled “stop the presses!

In an age where we learned to turn on the TV through Facebook statuses, I find it richly rewarding that the New York Times understood that the late-breaking speech and development was Important Enough to get right on the printed page.  To be fair, I don’t think they used a large enough headline.   The Times threw away the already-printed papers that had the old front page, and started a new run at 11:55.  I imagine a balding but tough newsman running through a pristine roboticized plant yelling “stop the presses!” at computers.

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